Potts Sloan Beaty Connector


Project description: This project includes pedestrian improvements on Potts Street and Sloan Street, a new road section connecting the north end of Potts Street cul-de-sac to the south end of Sloan Street, and a roundabout at the Griffith-Sloan-Beaty intersection.

Project Status: This project was suspended due to NCDOT's COVID-19 related funding shortfall, however the town has been notified that this project is set to resume the right-of-way acquisition phase.  

Page Updated: 02/26/2021

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Project Info

  • Project Name: Potts/Sloan/Beaty Connector Project
  • Cost: $4,093,588.00 ($1,527,798 contract cost, $625,008 contingency cost [45%], $663,000 right-of-way acquisition, $277,781 CEI [20%], $1,000,000 engineering cost)
  • Funding Source: State Highway Trust Funds & Bonus Allocation Funds
  • Funding Status: Approved in Capital Improvement Plan
  • Management Agency: North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)
  • Sister Project: NCDOT is proposing an improvement to the intersection of Hwy 115 and Potts Street in Cornelius. Information is available here.