Comprehensive Plan

2018 Comp Plan

Updated:  4/24/2019

  • Phase 1 Education & Engagement is complete and we're nearly done with Phase 2, Testing Policy Direction. This Phase kicked off in January 2019 with our Conversations on What's Next community workshop. It continued with the release of the first Public Engagement Report - Exploring our Planning Principles in March, as well as the Shaping What's Next community workshop from April 1-3. Please visit to learn more information about past and upcoming events, including the presentation/video from the Shaping What's Next kick-off event.
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Comprehensive Plan/Process

The comprehensive plan is the leading policy document and tool to help communities create a vision and guiding principles for decision-making for their town. The Davidson Board of Commissioners identified the comprehensive plan as a priority in their 2018 Strategic Plan. This plan is to be undertaken beginning in the of Fall 2018 with anticipated completion in Winter 2019-2020.

With the support of elected leadership, the process will be guided by a commitment to public engagement and innovation, grounded in
the town’s core values emphasizing its traditional character, village-based identity and sense of community, and commitment to achieving a high quality of life for all residents. A full range of stakeholders encompassing the town’s citizens, advisory boards, staff, and community stakeholders such as Davidson College, local schools, non-profits, businesses, neighborhood representatives, and religious institutions will contribute to this effort.

Town Overview

Davidson is a town of approximately 13,000 residents and home to Davidson College, one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. The town is located 20 miles north of uptown Charlotte along Interstate 77, bordered on the west by Lake Norman and on the east by rural farms and residential areas. Good schools, historic architecture, a thriving downtown, and the academic setting have resulted in increased development pressures both locally and regionally. The Town of Davidson has made a commitment to addressing development pressures through thoughtful design and the implementation of traditional town planning principles – and has been recognized both statewide and nationally for its planning efforts.