Carnegie Mews on Delburg Street

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Planning Area: Village Infill

Project Address: The Carnegie Mews on Delburg Street subdivision is located on Delburg Street between Beaty and Watson Streets.

Parcel ID: 00327701, 00327702, 00327703, 00327704, 00327709, 00327710, 00327708, 00327711, 00327707, 00327712, 00327706, 00327713, 00327705, 00327714, 00327715      

Acres: 2.81

Building Type: The proposed structures are residential buildings with the primary use single-family detached housing fronting Delburg Street.

Development Program: The proposed master plan allows 15 residential lots between 1,200 and 2,600 square feet.

Developer: Rodney Graham, John Marshall Custom Homes

Recent Update

The Davidson Planning Department and Mecklenburg County approval of building permits.



Contact Information

John Marshall Custom Homes Inc.

510 N Faulkner Way

Davidson, NC 28036

Phone: (704) 239-1124